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Address of K C R Raja at the Life time Achievement... I am indeed grateful to you for conferring on me this prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award . I recall that this award was instituted in 1966 and the first recipient was Mr Arvind Mafatlal...

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THAT PENUMBRA OF APPROBATION THAT PENUMBRA OF APPROBATION "There is no penumbra of approbation round the theory of equilibrium. Equilibrium is just equilibrium." Discuss. Yes, this was a question we had in our Economics paper...

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Swami Vivekananda at Harvard Swami Vivekananda’s stay at Harvard , although well documented, presents many incidents that have been relatively unnoticed. This, the 150th year of Swamiji’s  birth anniversary, is an appropriate...

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Vishwanath’s First Century and a Kick start to my... It is amazing how a small incident can make a crucial difference to your life and career. This was what Vishwanath’s test debut did to me. I was a relatively junior official in my company. I knew I was...

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Meeting Satyajit Ray......and into Ashani Sanket (Satyajit Ray and I have had very little in common, personally and certainly not professionally. Most mornings I drove past Ray's house on Bishop Lefroy  Road and parked my car close by. I had, however...

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Indeed good recognition of your excellent work

Category : Feedback

Indeed good recognition of your excellent work over the years acknowledged by some of the renowned personalities. On a personal front it has been wonderful knowing you and Indira as good human beings. Best wishes, always.

Dr Vinod Karnik,
Chairman – Sygnet Consultants

Pulling Together

Category : Learning Resources

These motivational series on leadership and team building are of absorbing interest. Simple and direct and yet captures your imagination. Management trainers would find them useful.

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Knowledge @Wharton

Category : Learning Resources

One of the sources that I frequently turn to for quick updates on current business trends, is Knowledge @Wharton website. You will find on that website analyses of thoughts and practices in the world of management, interviews with leading thinkers who are shaping the lives of millions through their power or influence.

Knowledge @Wharton is the Wharton School’s online business journal. It is an expression of the School’s willingness, perhaps eagerness, to share its intellectual capital. → Continue

A Family Reunion

Category : Miscellany

Return to Kottakkal

A recent visit to my birthplace, Kottakkal, after a gap of 22 years, triggered in me a strong urge to dive deep into my family history.

I visited Kottakkal to attend a family reunion.  The place had changed beyond recognition and to my family, I too had. Our annual get-togethers started six years ago and have done much to bring together a family, which the Hindu reported, has 250 members.. Together with  spouse and children of male members, who are not family members in a matriarchal community, the number  in the extended family  goes  up to 450. About 250 turn up. Only five families now live in Kottakkal and the burden of organizing the day long meet,  with breakfast, lunch, introductions and a cultural programme, is cheerfully borne by them. → Continue

Precious Moments

Category : Non Profits

I would like to share  a story I heard the other day. It is about a young man who received a brand new car as a New Year gift from his elder brother. As he brought  the car out and parked it near a municipal school, an eight year old boy came up, looked at the car and. as if under a spell, said ‘How beautiful!’. And he asked “Sir, may I touch it?’. Partly amused and certainly pleased, the owner said ‘Go ahead’. The boy then asked him what he had paid for the car. ‘Nothing, the owner said.’ ‘It is a gift from my brother.’ → Continue

Op-Ed Columnist – The Third Depression

Category : Business Insights


“There was the Long Depression, then the Great Depression, and now we are in the early stages of a third depression. This one is primarily a failure of policy.”

I would recommend  this to students of the global economic crisis. Paul Krugman, the author, is a Nobel Laureate in Economics and a columnist in New York Times.

In Unending Search of the Best!

Category : Miscellany

I was on the Executive Committee of a body that had on it very bright thinkers. The Committee used to meet on the second Monday of every month. The meetings were memorable as much for depth of discussion as for follow up failures! I remember one session to discuss and plan  a major event about five months away. Promotional material had to be prepared and a proposal from the Chairman of the sub committee  had to be approved.

Several alternatives were discussed. One was selected and the Chairman was authorised to get the job done. → Continue

For quarter of a century he has been concerned with management education.

Category : Testimonials

Former Director, Indian Institute of Management, AhmedabadI have known Professor Raja for more than a decade. He has deep insight into managerial issues, which he acquired from his long association with Indian industry. For quarter of a century he has been concerned with management education. Besides teaching he has been involved in setting up management schools and managing institutions. What I admire in Prof. Raja are his sustained efforts to learn what is new in the field of management and his desire to use it in resolving issues in practice. I am happy that he is starting a website to interact “on management practices, management education and education management” with those who are concerned with management education and administration. I am convinced that Prof. Raja is the most appropriate person to initiate a forum for such interactions. Every one in the field of management education and management administration would benefit from these interactions. I wish him all the success in this effort.

Prof Jahar Saha,
Former Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

About this Website

Category : Miscellany

I look upon this website as an opportunity for interaction  with my friends and well wishers. While the primary focus is on education, management education in particular, my blogs cover experiences in other fields including personal experiences right from childhood to the present day.

These blogs should facilitate interaction on management practices, management education and education management. For over a quarter century, I have been closely associated with management education and educational planning and administration. And  I believe  both will undergo fundamental changes in the coming decade.

Sam Pitroda recently remarked that the next revolution in India will be in education. In 1990, if anyone had predicted the state the Indian economy is in today, few would have considered him mentally sound. The same disbelief and doubt prevails in the education sector today.

The changes  that can occur may well produce world class colleges and universities in India. They will stand up to global competition the same way as the Indian global companies are now doing.

But all this cannot be taken for granted. We need wide  discussion not only among  educational administrators but among the general public who are the most important stake holders .I do hope that such discussion will surface on this website and several others.

Fellowship in organizations

Category : Non Profits

The warmth of fellowship is often experienced in Rotary through a small but memorable experience .I had my first taste of it soon after I joined the Rotary. The summer of 1984 was a seemingly endless nightmare for us, with my wife lying,  virtually reborn, in a Bangalore hospital, after a gruesome road accident. I distinctly remember one sweet incident of those months –  meeting a young Rotarian in a new Rotary Club in that city. His voice came across the telephone the next morning with a concern that touched us. “Any help I can organise for you, Raja? Medicines? I work in a  pharma company. What about the blood transfusion you mentioned!” By the grace of God, we didn’t need any help, But the face of the young friend stands out as the only sweet recollection of that bitter summer in Bangalore. → Continue