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Vishwanath’s First Century and a Kick start to my... It is amazing how a small incident can make a crucial difference to your life and career. This was what Vishwanath’s test debut did to me. I was a relatively junior official in my company. I knew I was...

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Meeting Satyajit Ray......and into Ashani Sanket (Satyajit Ray and I have had very little in common, personally and certainly not professionally. Most mornings I drove past Ray's house on Bishop Lefroy  Road and parked my car close by. I had, however...

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AMRITABHASHINI and its Fading Footprints In the Wikipedia pages on Kottakkal, there is a mention of Amrutabhashini . I quote ,” The development activities of women included modern publications such as Amritha Bhashini and Bala Chandrika, published...

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Another Family Reunion Family Reunion-May 11, 2014 The Kizhakke Covilagam family reunion I attended in 2010 was my first experience of attending the annual family meet, started ten years ago. I attended it a second time...

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Medical Education: Is Ethics part of it ? July 31, 2014 diagnostic tests It is high time that a formal course in ethics is made an integral part of medical education. An administrator of a leading hospital in Mumbai, herself a doctor, told...

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Cricket:Enough is Enough

Category : Non Profits

Disastrous defeats on the home turf against Pakistan and England have been hard to bear. Particularly since they came after the humiliation  we had in England and Australia last year. Where do we turn ?

Commentators have been quick to call for several half measures. Sacking of Dhoni, Sehwag, replacing this person with that etc., quick fixes that, they hope will bring some improvement in performance.

Amidst all this, the BCCI has maintained an unusual calm, pretending that nothing serious has happened. Like the Bourbons, BCCI seem to have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. As one foreign player remarked,they seem to be obsessed with cash more than with cricket. After all the next IPL season is not far away. That  is where cash is and they must get ready for the big carnival.

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