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Address of K C R Raja at the Life time Achievement... I am indeed grateful to you for conferring on me this prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award . I recall that this award was instituted in 1966 and the first recipient was Mr Arvind Mafatlal...

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THAT PENUMBRA OF APPROBATION THAT PENUMBRA OF APPROBATION "There is no penumbra of approbation round the theory of equilibrium. Equilibrium is just equilibrium." Discuss. Yes, this was a question we had in our Economics paper...

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Swami Vivekananda at Harvard Swami Vivekananda’s stay at Harvard , although well documented, presents many incidents that have been relatively unnoticed. This, the 150th year of Swamiji’s  birth anniversary, is an appropriate...

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Vishwanath’s First Century and a Kick start to my... It is amazing how a small incident can make a crucial difference to your life and career. This was what Vishwanath’s test debut did to me. I was a relatively junior official in my company. I knew I was...

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Meeting Satyajit Ray......and into Ashani Sanket (Satyajit Ray and I have had very little in common, personally and certainly not professionally. Most mornings I drove past Ray's house on Bishop Lefroy  Road and parked my car close by. I had, however...

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Knowledge @Wharton

Category : Learning Resources

One of the sources that I frequently turn to for quick updates on current business trends, is Knowledge @Wharton website. You will find on that website analyses of thoughts and practices in the world of management, interviews with leading thinkers who are shaping the lives of millions through their power or influence.

Knowledge @Wharton is the Wharton School’s online business journal. It is an expression of the School’s willingness, perhaps eagerness, to share its intellectual capital.

The articles are arranged in 14 categories-Finance and Investment, Leadership and Change, Executive Education, Marketing, Strategic Management etc. Articles are research based and throw fresh light on a variety of issues. There are also book reviews, podcasts and useful links.

There is plenty of interesting material on India. Some of the recent articles are listed below.

Nandan Nilekani on What It Takes to Build the World’s Biggest Social Inclusion Program

Infosys Technologies co-founder Nandan Nilekani is the force behind “Aadhaar,” India’s recently launched program to provide unique identification numbers for 600 million residents in four years in its initial phase. Nilekani hopes that the program will result in vastly expanded access to public services for India’s socially and economically disadvantaged citizens. In an interview with India Knowledge@Wharton, Nilekani offers his assessment of Aadhaar’s promise and discusses the challenges the program faces, including issues of privacy and security. (For additional perspectives, see India Knowledge@Wharton’s analysis of Aadhaar in this issue.)

Managing Technology

‘Aadhaar’ and India’s Brave, New, ID-Armed Market

An estimated US$20 billion worth of business opportunities over the next decade have begun rolling out in India with the launch of a program to issue 600 million unique identification cards to residents over the next four years. Led by Infosys Technologies co-founder Nandan Nilekani, the program — named “Aadhaar” — will enable hundreds of millions of underprivileged residents to open bank accounts, get expanded access to jobs, health insurance, mobile phone services, micro loans and reengineered public services. India Knowledge@Wharton sizes up the emerging opportunities for vendors of equipment, software and consulting services. (Also see India Knowledge@Wharton’s interview with Nilekani about Aadhaar in this issue.)

An Interview with Nitin Paranjpe of Hindustan Unilever: Remaining “Relevant and Contemporary” to Indian Consumers.

How Generation Next is Moving Up the Corporate Ladder at India Inc.

Access to the online journal is free. One needs to go through the normal process of registration. You could alerts and read the article on your cell phone or get it emailed to you..

Faculty members of management institutes and students will find these articles a great learning resource .

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